Your Unique PERSONAL Yoga & Breathwork Practice

A bespoke Kundalini sequence, delivered to your device for daily practice; your yoga, your time, your space


Sometimes stuff just seems to get stuck; old patterns and emotions feel like they are not moving, and we get a sense we need to help things along at a much deeper level

- but how?

The thing is, you can’t always use the MIND to effect deep-rooted transformation. But you can harness the BODY-MIND through the technology of YOGA.  
Maybe you already practise yoga, but the real gold - and the way to ramp up the transformations exponentially - to effect DEEP & LASTING change - is to practise a practice 
Yogis call this daily practice SADHANA.
Setting aside a time to practise every day has such a powerful effect because it gets rooted into the psyche
Sadhana is a way of hard-wiring, or encoding the deep change you require deep into the body-mind.
All it takes is your commitment to, yes, at least a few minutes a day. 

But as anyone knows, bringing in a new habit can be challenging because the subconscious mind will do its upmost to sabotage it. 

Wait.. what? Why?

The mind is a trickster!

Our evolutionary development means that as a matter of self preservation negative bias takes over whenever the subconscious detects a change in one's routine.


Change, to the subconscious, is equated with danger. The subconscious will create any unconscious sabotage it can to prevent the new habit forming, the lure of the warm bed when you know you need to get up to practise, or just plain forgetting, "naaaaah, what's the point?"

And that is why the Unique Daily Practice comes into its own - because with my support, coaching and tried and tested strategies, the likelihood of self-sabotage is dramatically reduced.  


Soooo... How Does It Work?
When you book (below) we will set up a 15 minute Discovery Call so we can chat about what you would like to achieve with your daily practice. 
Then I'll email you a detailed questionnaire. From all this information, and using numerology and intuition, I devise your practice which I will teach you on Zoom. You can thereafter download the recording for you to practise to, or stream it privately from my website.
You will commit to a set number of days' practice, and I will remain on hand if you need anything during your sadhana, sending you emails along the way to keep you motivated and engaged.

Once you begin to reap the amazing benefits of sadhana it will be hard to go back - but getting into a regular yoga habit takes discipline and commitment - and I am here to bring that to you with your Unique Daily Yoga practice..

Unique Daily Yoga is perfect for you if:
  • You're feeling out of shape & don't have the confidence yet to join a class

  •  You want personalised attention & specific results

  •  You suffer from stress or are going through a time of change/upheaval & need tools to support you

  • You want to begin a regular yoga practice but don’t know how to begin

  • You want a high quality practice without ads or bad music

  • You have a tight schedule

Unique Daily Yoga isn’t for you if:
  • You aren’t sure if you are able to commit to a daily practice
  • You’re unwilling to try new techniques and strategies
  • You are too busy
  • You feel you can just put up with the how things are, why rock the boat?

  • Your family or friends can't, or won't, support your transformation, and it's easier not to bother.


Your Unique PERSONAL Yoga Practice

ONLY £210.00