Kundalini Wheel of the Year

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A 10 minute Kundalini practice to do for 40 days:



pick a time of day, set your alarm and reap the benefits of a committed daily spiritual practice

Beginning Autumn Equinox,

21st September 2021 (Full Moon in Pisces)

Practice runs until Halloween, 31 October 2021

An Opportunity to Invoke Balance and Resilience in our Lives,

Through Subconscious Release and Letting Go

This cycle (running to Halloween) we are doing Sodarshan Chakra Kriya  which is a  breathwork meditation known to be one of the most powerful kriyas there are. 


So in Sankrit means ‘all that is’ and darshan, means 'vision'; this kriya gives us the power of perceiving all that is, to merge with the ultimate, infinite source. Wow! 


Sodarshan offers MASTERY of the SELF and has been likened to clearing out the trash from the subconscious.  


This meditation and can be challenging for the beginner to practice correctly and so a daily practice with a guide can be really helpful.


How Does Sodarshan work?


Pressure created through the breath holds and belly pumping clears and purifies the 10 bodies (yes, we have at least 10 bodies!) to bring about the following powerful effects:


•    A massive energy dose to the respiratory, digestive and immune systems, promoting all-round metabolic health

•    The clearing of emotional stuckness and karma/karmic entanglements

•    The clearing of the subconscious - without having to "go there" - through the dissolution of the granthis (knots) in the emotional body

•    Powerful, positive energy 

•    Seering intuition and psychic ability

•    The calming of the monkey mind and the development of a more solid sense of Self

•    The stimulation of the higher centres of the brain (pineal and frontal lobe) and the bringing of the hemispheres of the brain into coherence

•    The ultimate refinement of awareness to penetrate the veil of maya (illusion) 

Join us!

So what is the Kundalini Wheel of the Year?

The Kundalini Wheel runs continuously like the seasons. I offer 4 daily practices a year.

I share a 10 minute practice in our private Facebook group and for 40 days you do this simple yogic practice challenge.


You are invited to create an intention for these 40 days - what isn't serving you any more? What will you let go of? What can you make some space for? Or - just let the universe work its own magic.

And after 40 days we release our intentions into the ethers for the Infinite to do its work.

Please note you can start a few days around the exact starting date as all the videos can be watched live or on-demand; the skyclock doesn't demand strict accuracy.


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