Kundalini Wheel of the Year

with YogiOnline

Manifesting your heart's desire or releasing what does not serve, using

SIGIL MAGIC powered by a 5-minute Kundalini practice.

The next practice cycle begins on Lunar Beltane:

26 April 2021

Practice runs from 26 April (full moon in Scorpio)  - 4 June

What would you like to release?

Health fears?       Some kind of limiting belief?       Scarcity?       A relationship?


Kundalini Wheel is a manifestation & releasing program using the natural seasonal calendar and sigil magic, powered by a 5 minute daily yoga practice.

The Kundalini Wheel of the Year runs continuously like the seasons. We have 4 practices a year. 

Once you join, you will be invited to decide what you wish to manifest for the upcoming cycle, I will guide you in this.

We then meet in our private Facebook group for a live online session before the cycle begins to create our SIGILS - symbols of our hearts desire. We may draw or paint them, using paints, pencil or pen. You can join live or watch the video on-demand on my website.

And once we've created our sigils I will share the chosen 5 minute practice, which will be suitable for ALL bodies, and for 40 days you will make 5 minutes available to do this simple yogic practice with your sigil in your sight.

After 40 days we ritually release our magical intentions into the ethers for the universe to do its work.


Dates for the next cycle: 

22 April 5-5:30PM (UK) Sigil Making workshop - Facebook Live or on-demand

26 April 5-5:30PM (UK) The 40 Day Sadhana begins. Facebook Live and on-demand. The practice video will be available on the private group page and on-demand. You practise in your own time on your own schedule - just 5 minutes a day.

4 June 5-5:30PM UK Facebook live to break the ritual and release our manifestation to the universe.


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The Kundalini Wheel of

the Year overview:

  • Lunar Imbolc 11 February (New Moon in Aquarius) to Equinox 22 March (completed)

  • Lunar Beltane 26 April (Full Moon in Scorpio) to 4 June

  • Lunar Lammas 23 July (Sun in Leo, Full Moon in Aquarius) to 2 September

  • Lunar Halloween & Diwali 4 November (New Moon Scorpio) to 13 December

Each of these seasonal phases of 40 days has unique and specific qualities that we will harness for our manifestation practices. 

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My name is Steph and I run the YogiOnline Mystery School offering regular, weekly livestream Kundalini sessions, the Kundalini Wheel of 40 day manifestation practices, and a massive archive of yoga videos and replays accessed 'on-demand' - powerful yogic practices delivered for all bodies to practise - wherever and whenever.

In Kundalini you do not have to be flexible and we don't do your typical, gymnastic yoga poses. If you are curious to find out more sign up for a month and give it a go - you will be able to access all that membership has to offer including this exciting alchemical journey through the natural year, as well as livestream drop in members classes AND a massive archive of yoga videos.

See you on the mat!


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