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A NEW 5 minute daily Kundalini practice for April 2022:



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PROSPERITY. It's such a loaded term isn't it?


Why is it that it seems to be the most ruthless and psychopathic that attract the most prosperity in these times?


It's a hallmark of Kali Yuga, the current age we are in alas; however we can all access the current of prosperity through Kundalini Yoga because there is a wonderfully rich tradition of prosperity meditations in its lineage.


This is because Kundalini was a practice reserved for the leaders within ancient Hindu society in order to augment their powers of abundance and manifestation; hence Kundalini yoga being known as a rāj yoga (kingly yoga).


Most of us come to yoga seeking peace and contemplation as opposed to worldly success; however the more of us with a spiritual bent that create prosperity the better because the world needs more healers, artists and meditators to be prosperous so that we can spread our light into the world more effectively.


So let's open the floodgates to abundance; and Friday, the 1st of April, when the new moon moves into Aries, is a perfect time to begin a 16 day prosperity meditation. The meditation is 5 minutes long and uses an active seed mantra (HARI) and a mudra (hand position). 


We will begin the 16 days of practice on Friday, and it will be available on replay for you to practise in your own time and space. All it takes is 5 minutes. I will record several versions of different lengths for those who may like a more lengthy practice. The practice finishes on the full moon, 16th April. Instructions for how to prepare will be sent out to members.





As you may be aware I use the skyclock, that is, the cycles of seasons, numerology and planets, when I plan our short daily practices. So why are we beginning on 1st April? 


Well, as well as being a new moon in Aries – absolutely perfect for new beginnings – the 1st of April is the fool's day, and the fool offers a perfect aspect to begin an endeavour: s/he is open to all eventuality, clear and trusting and follows her heart, not her head, or the opinions of others. The fool is unattached to outcomes, and non-attachment and an open, playful attitude is an essential component of prosperity! 


In addition, the sun rules the number 1, which is a dynamic, kingly and outgoing body, strong and ambitious in nature. 


16 days of practice takes us up to the full moon on the 16th April, when we can bless and release our endeavour as we reach the fullness of the lunar phase. 16 practice days is quite apt numerologically as it reduces down to 7 (1+6), which is a number that also represents non-attachment to worldly desires - that perfect component of prosperity. Prosperity comes most easily when we are unattached, when we can let go, let god. The number 16 unreduced is 2 x 8, and 8 is the number of infinity, karmic return and manifestation! Double that and we are good to go!


To prepare I invite you to consider how prosperity looks to you; how it might feel in your body, the ease with which it allows you to live your life and the blessings it brings.


You can create a little altar, perhaps with a statue of the Hindu goddess Lakshmi or Ganesh (the elephant God) or even some coins, gold or jewellery - whatever represents abundance to you. You could create an artwork or vision board of what you wish to manifest. You can focus on prosperity for your family, friends and loved ones. Why not begin to summon the vibe up, through creative writing or art, creating an expression of this abundance? Either way get your imagination flowing and prepare for the 1st of April.


I am so looking forward to this one!




So what is the Kundalini Wheel of the Year?

The Kundalini Wheel runs continuously like the seasons. I offer 4 practices a year shared via video so you can practise wherever and whenever.

Please note you can start a few days around the exact starting date as all the videos can be watched live or on-demand; the skyclock doesn't demand strict accuracy and time, though useful in this matrix, is ultimately, an illusion 😁 


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