Maybe - Just Maybe -
We Were Made For These Times?

All's I know is that without my daily fix of Kundalini ~ movement, meditation & breathwork I don't think I could have stayed the course till now. These times are transformative ~ apocalyptic ~ and were predicted by ancient seers - and I believe we DO have a purpose in it all.


I want share my yogic toolkit with you; the knowledge and wisdom I have gleaned on the path of awakening so that you too can filter the gems of truth from your experience here on planet Earth;


Truths that are conveyed through simple yet powerful yogic technologies.

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Replays of all yoga, movement, meditation and chair yoga sessions accessible on-demand 
The Kundalini Wheel of the Year: 40 day cycles of short daily practices
All one-off workshops (Shakti Yoga-Dance, global guided visualisation meditations, etc.)
Kundalini Basics Video Series 
15 Minute Yoga Video Series - targeted practices for all situations
Simple Hatha Yoga Video Series
Weekly newsletters 

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“What I most love about Steph's classes is the variety of things that you do in a class... You really do feel a difference at the end of class and through your life”

I tried this yoga class about a year ago and have been hooked ever since! Kundalini Yoga, which was new to me, beautifully nurtures, cleanses and refreshes all of me; mind, body and spirit… Steph is an amazing teacher and guide. Her positive spirit and great sense of humour are a pleasure to be around. Her music is second to none!
Linda, March 2019
Amazing combination of movement, breath work and meditation and always an incredible playlist! Steph is a patient, knowledgable teacher and classes are so welcoming. Lots of classes to choose from over the week as well as informative newsletters letting you know all about what systems you're working on each week. Recommend highly. ♥️💫”
Roxee Roo, July 2020

"I have found the classes so helpful and such fun throughout the lockdown and I'm so pleased that she's carrying on with them... I loved it"

“Absolutely love my kundalini sessions with Steph. She’s an amazing teacher & really caters for all abilities in one class. I started about a year ago & with online classes can easily fit 2 extra classes a week more than I was managing in person! Wherever you are in the world you can gain access. It’s brilliant. Thoroughly recommend.”
Lisy Boo, July 2020
I had been looking for the ‘right’ yoga class for a while And I found it! In Steph’s safe and energising class I am building my core strength; developing greater awareness of my physical mental and spiritual being; building skill and confidence to broaden my practice at home. Each session is tailored to empower the individual; whilst bonding the group in a shared experience. And all with a fabulously funky playlist!
Michaela, July 2019

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from only £20/month


YogiOnline's movement & yoga sessions are a gorgeous, nurturing experience:


After the Session You’ll Feel...


Uplifted and Expanded through Powerful Breathwork that Changes Your State


De-stressed and Chilled as the Nervous System is Regulated


Resilient & Calm as the Endocrine & Nervous Systems Come Into Balance


They Say: The Only Constant In Life Is Change

So why try and tame the sea when you can craft a stronger boat?

Here we are trying to get on with life - and then the sh*t hits the fan again.

Bereavements, Divorce, Empty nests, Self-Image, Chronic illness, Hormones, Grief, Insecurity, Money Stress.


No One Taught Us About This!!


However it comes – and boy does it come - life is gonna shake you up! That is part of the deal of BEING HUMAN I’m afraid.

I believe that life can be re-framed, and that as women we could be embracing the monumental changes happening in our lives as a transformation process that takes us from our familiar roles into becoming sources of wisdom and stability for our communities.


When we reframe life like this, when we take up the mantle, we can view the tumult as simply the midwifing of a new phase, which gives us the opportunity to serve by practising radical self-care through the ageless wisdom of the YOGIC LIFESTYLE and ESOTERIC PRACTICES.

Welcome to the YogiOnline Community!

The best yoga teacher ever who is for ever sharing such profound knowledge! I’ll always remember you saying inner mantra is like a conversation with the angels 💚

Roxy, September 2019

Thank you for a new experience which I found very relaxing... So much so that time seemed to expand! It was as if I had been "away" in a deeply held space for hours



When I hit my 40s the sh*t certainly hit. It heralded the start of painful hormonal migraines and fatigue and a re-surfacing of a boat load of TRAUMA through the awful process of a horrendous divorce.

Here was I, a single parent - AGAIN - being dragged through the courts and in so much physical, mental and emotional pain I simply did not know how to carry on.

So how did I?

Thankfully I had the foresight, and enough experience of personal enquiry to accept that I wasn’t doomed to suffer and that the terrifying trauma, the physical pain (from spina bifida) and that these circumsntances could become an opportunity to transform my life. So – reluctantly, for sure - I started up a weekly practice of yoga. That became twice weekly. I quit smoking. I changed my diet. 


Bit by bit I added healthy. I increased the self-care. I went into therapy – sounds so damn easy doesn’t it? It really wasn’t. BUT. Things shifted. Slowly but surely they did. I had begun to take control. I took up a daily practice. I re-trained to become a yoga teacher.  I took several more trainings, more enquiry, more self love.


What if YOU could reframe your dark nights of the soul, your journey through what might feel like hell, as something that could rebirth you anew?
This is what I want to share with you now.

As a Member you get to access a raft of yogic treasures:



✅   Weekly Livestream Kundalini Yoga classes
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✅   EXCLUSIVE access to the Kundalini Wheel 40 Day Short Yoga Daily Challenge Programs 

✅   AWESOME Spotify playlists


✅   Kundalini Basics Video Series 


✅   15 Minute Yoga Video Series


✅   Simple Hatha Yoga Video Series


✅    Weekly newsletters

Banish the Blues, Manage Stress, Energise and Uplift Yourself as You Navigate Your True North with YogiOnline




This amazing practices of Kundalini Yoga & Breathwork activate balance in the endocrine (hormone) & nervous systems – creating a calm centredness in the midst of life’s storms. 


Kundalini is a unique practice once kept closely guarded; shrouded in mystery and magic because of its amazing efficacy! It really does work - and fast. 


Unlike classic yoga as we know it in the West, with its emphasis on stretching, Kundalini focuses on breath, active movement, mantra and ‘active meditation’ for powerful self-healing.


Whoever you are and however you show up, your experience of life will be affected by the flows of your hormones and other chemical messengers within the nervous system. By practising Kundalini you get straight to source – and you get to experience your full potential.


Make Your Mid-Life Experience a Magical Opportunity for Growth


And in these uncertain times we are under even more physical and psychological stress which affects our general health and immunity to disease - can you afford not to do all you can to make your body strong and capable? 


The Art & Science of Waking Up


As you know by now it was the ole mid-life crisis that first landed me onto the mat in my first Kundalini Yoga class.

Although I cried my eyes out that first class, the powerful effects of the practice were immediate; I felt elevated and clear. It was like I’d scrubbed away all the smoke and mirrors and found the kernel of my True Self - and that gave me a joy and a dash of hope.

I returned week after week.

I cried a lot those first weeks because I was processing emotion very effectively and powerfully through the practices I was being learning. Old traumas that had been resurfacing felt like they were getting processed.

Some of the yoga was familiar and some was quite new and strange; THIS yoga, however, was more of a healing modality - strengthening, powerful and yet STILL utterly do-able. It didn’t contort and stretch my body, it worked with it. It was a revelation - why hadn't I heard of it before? This was just what my body – and heart – and indeed SOUL, needed!

With this practice I began to notice that I was able to self-regulate emotionally where before I would find myself veering between reactive ‘fight or flight’ mode or a depressive ‘frozen’ mode.

I felt less distraught in general and began to experience a gap in between the feeling and the reacting whenever I experienced stressors.


So I began started a short daily Kundalini practice, 11 minutes, I quit smoking and over the weeks I gained enough confidence and resilience to represent myself in court and “win”.

Those were heady, heavy days..

And so, to cut a long story short, in the intervening years I re-trained, and now I teach regularly, sharing these amazing, fast acting and powerful practices. I’m fitter and happier in my 50s than I ever was! I UP-LEVELLED! And you can too! Aging is a myth; I mean, sure we age, but our heath and innate wellbeing, our sense of purpose and youthfulness do not have to disappear.

I use these amazing practices every day like I used to use anti-depressants – and I feel connected again. I love sharing them through this awesome community which of course has now had to move online during these pandemic days. YAY – we get to connect with a global community of yogis!


Yoga for Mid-Life

There is a massive shift happening in our bodies and psyche at this time - especially if you are a woman. The hormonal flows are re-arranging themselves drastically – and remember, hormones do not have one exclusive function: they all cover a multitude of functions and so the impact of this seismological state-shifting process can feel strong!

This is why we need to up-level the body to withstand the inner storms of transformation, and like the pupa of a butterfly, to allow the chaos; to be strong enough in body, mind and spirit to handle the storm and come out the other side, the Queen that you truly are.

It’s an amazing time to address our attitude to our body, and to build resilience in all its systems as it is so in flux. You can really take this opportunity to redefine yourself.

Kundalini Yoga is SO good at facilitating all this. In my livestream classes I use many meditations and breathwork practices for the PITUITARY as this is the master gland of the body’s endocrine system, so it is pretty much like going to the MASTER SWITCH. These breathwork practices provide great relief and begin to build the resilience we need.

The YogiOnline Community also offers simple lifestyle and dietary changes so that our experience of peri-menopause and/or mid-life becomes more manageable, without force, stress or self-denial. Self-care is a must.

A regular practice of yoga is a rock, an anchor and a boon. Daily practice offers another dimension to this menopause process and I strongly recommend every woman do it. You can get powerful, accelerated results by setting aside a few minutes daily, at the same time each day, for personal practice. And it can be anything! Yes, yoga, but it could also be journaling, singing or mindfully sipping tea – whatever floats your boat. Our archive of resources is designed to support you with this, with videos of all lengths and types, and of course the livestreams and weekly Facebook Live sessions.

It isn’t easy to build up a committed habit of self care – it is completely normal to reject and resist even good habits because the primitive, fear-alert part of the brain basically says – ‘don’t change a thing, you are surviving quite ok without change!’ and pulls out the stops by creating an internal resistance.

And that is where community comes in, peer-to-peer support is INVALUABLE!

Try us out, we’d love to have you join us sister. Share your tips and tricks with the community. Ask for what you need. And let’s practice this process of mid-life magic and transformation TOGETHER!