1 x Private Online Yoga Coaching Session

1-1 Private Yoga - your requirements, your schedule, your space!


1 hour.


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A 1 hour, in-depth personalised session of Kundalini Yoga and Breathwork Meditation - at your time and pace.


You get to deep dive into this powerful practice, and get some dedicated, expert one-to-one tuition focusing on your practise goals and needs.


Private Sessions are perfect for you if:

• You're feeling out of shape and unfit and don't have the confidence yet to join a group class

• You suffer from stress or are going through a time of change and upheaval and need tools to support you

• You want to begin a regular yoga or personal practice but don’t know how to go about it - yet

• You need bespoke high quality yoga tuition and relevant practices without irritating ads or rubbish music

• You have a tight schedule and need something that fits perfectly into your life

• You’re open-minded and willing to try new techniques and strategies that are proven to get solid results

• You understand that you get out what you put in

• You’re willing to invest in your practice and personal wellbeing.

Private Sessions maybe aren’t your best match if:

• You don't think that your one-to-one self-care is worth investing in

• You don’t feel able to make the time

• You’re unwilling to try new techniques and strategies

• You are too busy

• You feel you can just put up with the how things are, why rock the boat?

• Your family can't, or won't, support this investment, and it's easier not to bother.


When you book you get 1 month's Mystery School membership worth $40 ABSOLUTELY FREE so that you can access the vast archive of on-demand yoga videos, unlimited livestream yoga sessions, free streamed video courses and the Kundalini Wheel practice program.
Our session will be over Zoom, at your convenience.


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