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Sometimes stuff just seems to get stuck; old patterns and emotions feel like they are not moving, and we get a sense we need to help things along - but how?

The thing is, you can’t always use the MIND to effect deep-rooted transformation. But you can harness the BODY-MIND through the technology of YOGA.  
Maybe you already practise yoga, but the real gold - and the way to ramp up the transformations exponentially - to effect DEEP & LASTING change - is to practise DAILY.
You see, setting aside a routine every day has such a powerful effect because it gets rooted into the psyche. Yogis call this SADHANA. Sadhana is a way of hard-wiring, or encoding deep change in the body-mind.
All it takes is your commitment to, yes, at least a few minutes a day. Can you manage that?
Kundalini Yoga works powerfully - this is the extraordinary gift of the practice. But by practising a set routine daily you also accumulate some amazing benefits like: reduced levels of stress, better sleep, increased heart rate variability, improved mental & nervous system resilience, an improvement in many chronic health conditions, regulation of blood pressure, a balancing of your brain neurotransmitters oxytocin, dopamine & serotonin and more alpha-type brain waves.
So How Does It Work?
First I send you a questionnaire. From this, and using Numerology and my intuitive skills I devise your practice which I will teach you on Zoom. You can download the recording for you to practise to. You commit to a set number of days. I will remain on hand for questions if you need anything during your sadhana.
Unique Daily Yoga is perfect for you if:
  • You're feeling out of shape & don't have the confidence yet to join a class
  •  You want personalised attention & specific results
  •  You suffer from stress or are going through a time of change/upheaval & need tools to support you
  • You want to begin a regular yoga practice but don’t know how to begin
  • You want a high quality practice without ads or bad music
  • You have a tight schedule
Unique Daily Yoga isn’t for you if:
  • You aren’t sure if you are able to commit to a daily practice
  • You’re unwilling to try new techniques and strategies
  • You are too busy



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