Kundalini Movement Saturday: 9:00h (UK)

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Movement & breathwork for all bodies over Zoom. FREE to members/£10.00

  • 45 minutes
  • 10 British pounds
  • Online Session

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9am (UK/CET), 6pm (AEST), 5pm (JST) Change Your Mood - Boost Immunity - Eliminate Stress Hormones - Elevate Your Lung Capacity - Gain Perspective - Balance Your Hormones - And Feel 108% More Vigorous! Inspiration and techniques from the ancient Vedic and Kundalini traditions, updated and adapted for today's world. In just 45 minutes of yogic movement, breathwork and chanting you will feel completely renewed. You do not need to be FLEXIBLE or FIT and so it is suitable for all bodies. You can even practise in a chair! Certain breath techniques, and chanting activate the 10th cranial nerve, known as the vagus nerve, and the phrenal nerve in the diaphragm. By activating these nerves, we move into a super calm, "alpha wave" state – by activating the parasympathetic nervous system directly. We also significantly boost our immune response system and regulate our blood pressure. By chanting mantras we merge with a sonic pool stretching back into time, adding POWER and STRENGTH to our practice. It’s like merging with a river of sound; that is why it is known as a 'sound current'. This practice works - strong and fast! Perfect for these uncertain times. Expect to feel expanded, connected to infinite consciousness vigorous and yet super-chill. Kundalini Yoga is an ancient, previously highly-secret technology of yoga that works INSTANTLY and POWERFULLY. We use BREATHWORK and yogic MOVEMENTS and POSTURES in carefully curated combinations to create these direct and super-powerful effects. This session is guaranteed to align you to your 'true North', back in your centre and feeling ALERT yet RELAXED and truly IN THE FLOW. Join us, we are a lovely, friendly group - you are welcome however you show up. CLASS PRICE £10.00 THIS CLASS IS INCLUDED IN ALL YOGIONLINE MEMBERSHIP PLANS

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