Hey Sisters!

Are you tired of feeling tired and over-stretched, tearful,

depressed and hot-flashingly angry? 


Do you get aches and pains, and struggle to sleep?


Here we are at the peak of our lives, and yet so many of us are not feeling it!


And yet - for thousands of years humans understood these valuable, powerful years of a woman’s life to be a threshold to Mystery and Magic.


Wait – what? Menopause – the source of mystery and magic?!


So cast out the popular mythology of the sweaty, angry, bath-robed menopausal battle-axe, and don your cloak of mystery:

You see, for millenia, at a place called Eleusis in Greece, philosophers, regents, rulers, teachers and initiates of many traditions gathered every year to receive sacred, initiatory rites.


They were known as the Mysteries of Eleusis, known throughout the ancient world, and said to bestow upon the receiver knowledge of death and infinite life.

Uh, what’s this have to do with me?


Well, who do you reckon delivered these rites and mysteries?

Who bestowed the knowledge of death and eternal life?

Moon Paused Women.

Menopausal Women.

Middle Aged Women.


Women like you and I.

So how about a re-frame?


Being strong and powerful, calm and confident


Sleeping better at night


Feeling neutral and calm in the most challenging of situations


a strong body, a relaxed mind and a fulfilled soul


Welcome to Moon Pause Magic – Yogic Technologies to Navigate Mid-Life like a Queen


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