The Art & Science of Waking Up

It was crisis that first landed me onto the mat in my first Kundalini Yoga class.

I was going through a bitter divorce and custody battle, I couldn’t sleep, I was drinking and smoking too much, I felt sluggish and angry.

Although I cried my eyes out that first class, the powerful effects of the practice were immediate; I felt elevated and clear. It was like I’d scrubbed away all the smoke and mirrors and found the kernel of my True Self - and that gave me a joy and a dash of hope.

I returned week after week.


I cried a lot those first weeks because I was processing emotion very effectively and powerfully through the practices I was being learning. 


Some of the yoga was familiar and some was quite new and strange; I practised Iyengar style hatha as a part of developing my performance skills as a dancer / physical theatre-maker - the spinal condition spina bifida occulta put an end to that and I found that the yoga just made my back hurt even more (the story of my spina biffida is a whole other twist and turn, maybe I will share it one day).


THIS yoga, however, was more of a healing modality - strengthening, powerful and yet STILL utterly accessible (I still find traditional hatha painful).

With this practice I began to notice that I was able to self-regulate emotionally where before I would find myself veering between reactive ‘fight or flight’ mode or a depressive ‘frozen’ mode.


I felt less distraught in general and began to experience a gap in between the feeling and the reacting whenever I experienced stressors. 

So I began started a short daily Kundalini practice, 11 minutes, I quit smoking and over the weeks I gained enough confidence and resilience to represent myself in court and “win”. Those were heady, heavy days.

And so, to cut a long story short , in the intervening years I re-trained to become a Kundalini Yoga instructor, I also took the Shakti Dance teacher training, and now I teach regularly, sharing these amazing, fast acting and powerful practices.

I use these amazing practices every day like I used to use anti-depressants – and I feel connected again. I love sharing them.


And now - due to the ever changing nature of life, the universe and everything, I find myself re-launching as an ONLINE teacher.


Existence sure has a funny way of reminding you about IMPERMANENCE!

Join me - you can try it out for free, just hit the button below - no credit card required.

The Roots of the Practice

As a practice it was for millennia soley the preserve of royalty and the most dedicated of students, shared in secret; and then only within a direct teacher - student relationship.


But in these times of change it has become abundantly clear that what humanity needs is the ability to upgrade our evolutionary potential, to meet the unique pressure of the times, and so thousands of years of Indian tradition and taboo have been broken in the sharing of these esoteric practices to all those who seek them.

There is much myth and magic around the idea of what Kundalini itself is, but put quite simply quite simply it can be considered as the uncoiling of your innate awareness and wisdom; the art of waking up. These practices are as direct a pathway to your soul as you can get because they work work directly and powerfully on all the systems of the body to bring about a total system re-boot. How?


By utilising all the tenets of yogic science –  not just posture - these practices target the glandular and nervous systems to balance your body chemistry and bring about whole-body cleansing.


These are the original bio-hacks; powerful, ancient, tried-and-tested.


A complete toolkit, that works all the bodies, not just the physical, Kundalini Yoga is said to be many times more effective and powerful than traditional hatha yoga.


Guaranteed  - after every session you will feel amazing - renewed and re-booted, superhuman even.


And as you keep going with regular practice, you will find you can withstand life's general niggles and pressures - you feel resilient, more neutral in provocative situations and more considered in your reactions.


Your digestion will improve, your relationships will improve and your productivity will improve.


Kundalini Yoga gives us an experience of the untapped source of energy that lies dormant within. Lasting change of course does take time and commitment, but the benefits will be felt from the very first practice.

The big question is: are you ready to make a commitment to your true, innate and infinite Self, the eternal soul that you are, having a human experience?

To move beyond fear and pain, to up-level yourself beyond your wildest imaginings?

Because it’s possible – all it takes is your commitment to the process.

Join me. I’d love to support you.