Open Your Spine - 30m

Yogic Technologies to Navigate Mid Life Changes with Flow and Ease

This is classic Kundalini flow is one of the livestream replays that YogiOnline members get access to as part of their membership. It focuses on  flexibility in the spine.

You may bookmark this page if you don't have time to practise along now.

When we flex our spine we increase the flow of cerebral spinal fluid, and increasing that helps to stimulate the body's production of collagen; as levels of collagen reduce as we get older it can be really helpful to give your body a bit of support and ease those joint aches and pains.

Breathing deeply and meditating greatly reduces inflammation and the gentle twists we do help to detox the excess hormonal deposits our bodies are producing at this time.

A regular practice like this will have powerful effects on your health and wellbeing. I hope you received the Menopause Magic e-Book, which offers guidance on different aspects of radically responsible healthcare and wellbeing, let me know if the download did not reach you.

Note that this yoga and breathwork practice can also be done in a chair.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments


So - grab that yoga mat or a chair, get into loose, comfy clothes, turn your phone off and let's get to it!

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