It never fails to keep us under pressure, on our toes and maybe - sometimes - out of our minds.


And this year has been especially challenging; even the strongest amongst us has felt the strain.

So - maybe you’ve been recommended yoga but are unsure how to begin


you wonder if it is too late to begin - or if you are flexible enough?


chronic pain, insomnia, hormones, stress, bereavement,

divorce, overwork, complex or developmental trauma:

life throws the curveballs, and we need to be able to respond skillfully - the question is, how?

Kundalini Yoga: A Powerful Path to Living Well


Yoga is 1008 things to as many people, but there is no denying its extraordinary potency.


Scientifically proven to improve health outcomes across the board, Kundalini Yoga with its amazing pedigree beats most forms of yoga hands down for healing and transformation 

And the beauty of Kundalini is that it is not about stretching into spectacular poses


or squeezing into tight lycra:


this form of yoga is suitable for ALL bodies - and can be easily practised in a chair. 

These ancient, once-secret practices target the MASTER SYSTEMS of the body for complete health, getting you straight to the source of the wellness within.


So join me, Steph, YogiOnline - from the comfort of your own home:

with 3 livestream sessions a week, replays available on-demand, easily booked in your timezone15-minute easy Yoga Video series, the Kundalini Wheel Daily 5 Minute Yoga Challenges and much much more:


Membership gives you the structured framework you need to take charge of your health,

create connection and get accountability

– and by doing so, to take charge of your life and health in body mind and soul!


Welcome to the

YogiOnline Community!


We are a community of yogis taking control of our physical, mental and emotional health using the unique and powerful yogic technologies of Kundalini to next-level our evolutionary potential.

  • Imagine you could re-frame the struggles in your life

  • Imagine how it could be if you could SURF those changes

  • Imagine embracing this CRISIS as an UP-LEVELING?


I believe that life can be re-framed, and that we could be embracing the monumental changes happening in our lives and health as the quickening of transformation processes that take us from our familiar roles and habits into evolutionary leaps of consciousness

When we reframe our life like this, when we take up the mantle of RADICAL RESPONSIBILITY, we can view the tumult as simply the birthing of a new phase, which gives us the opportunity to serve by practising radical self-care through the ageless wisdom of the YOGIC LIFESTYLE and ESOTERIC PRACTICES.

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 3 weekly Livestream Kundalini Yoga, Breathwork & Meditation Zoom sessions

✅  The Kundalini Mystery School Kundalini Wheel: 40 day cycles of 5 minute practices in our private Facebook group ~ journeys of manifestation & transformation harnessing the natural calendar and alchemical principles

✅  Replays of all classes accessible on-demand for 7 days

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✅  Weekly newsletters with reams of lifestyle tips, guided meditations, nutritional info and more

What People are Saying about YogiOnline

“Hello, I'm really pleased to be able to give a testimonial for Steph's YogiOnline Zoom classes. I have found them so helpful and such fun throughout the lockdown.. So these are some of the reasons why I really am inspired to continue with my YogiOnline classes: I started with Kundalini Yoga about 18 months ago, and I loved it... obviously we all like the physical presence of being together and so I wondered how it would work out online and it's worked out brilliantly - the group is still there, but it's grown with people from many different countries joining in which is even better.”


From coal to diamonds: turning pressure & challenge into 0pportunity 

The practice of Kundalini Yoga works to balance the endocrine (hormone) & nervous systems – creating a calm centeredness in the midst of life’s storms and activating the body's own healing mechanisms.


By practising Kundalini regularly you get straight to source – and in doing so you get to experience your full potential.


This is what I call health autonomy; taking charge of your body's systems. 


In both adolescence and mid-life the hormonal system is re-setting itself - and this is why the practice is so powerful at these critical times in our lives. Kundalini literally activates the hormonal master-switch, which is why it is also particularly good for trauma and other developmental shocks which can upset our regulatory systems.

Unlike classic yoga with its emphasis on stretching, Kundalini focuses on breath, active movement and ‘active meditation’ for self-healing.

And in these uncertain times we are under even more physical and psychological stress which further affects our general health and immunity to disease - can you afford not to do all you can to make your body strong and capable?


YogiOnline's Kundalini yoga livestreams and on-demand videos are a gorgeous, nurturing experience. You will experience a sense of upliftment and expansion through powerful breathwork that changes your state, de-stressed and chilled as the nervous system is regulated, and resilient & calm as the endocrine & nervous systems come into balance.


There are 3 live sessions a week and tons of on-demand videos & frequent Facebook Lives to access.


Hello My Name is Steph:


When I hit my 40s the sh*t certainly hit!

Here was I, divorcing for the second time, a single parent AGAIN, being dragged through the courts and in so much physical, mental and emotional pain I simply did not know how to carry on. My whole world had collapsed. 

It heralded the start of painful hormonal migraines and fatigue and a re-surfacing of a boat load of TRAUMA. I was deeply depressed and medicated.

As I tumbled into depression and breakdown, I was lucky enough to get the download that this could all be re-framed as an opportunity to transform. Must be my Jupiter ascendant!


So – reluctantly - I started up a weekly practice of yoga. That became twice weekly. I quit smoking. I changed my diet. Small steps that felt easier each time. Small wins.

The Journey to Wellness Starts with Small Steps

Bit by bit I added healthy. I increased the self-care. I went into therapy – sounds so damn easy doesn’t it? It really wasn’t. BUT. Things shifted. Slowly but surely they did. I had begun to take control, and each step to wellness was easier because of the last one. 

Now, over 10 years the other side of my breakdown I realise that so many of us go through this – and so many end up framing these monumental challenges completely negatively.


But what if we could reframe this dark night of the soul, this journey through what feels like hell, as something that can rebirth us anew?

To cut a long story short (which you can find out more about HERE) in the grip of fear and courage, I decided to represent myself in court. And directly because of my now regular practice of Kundalini, I won my case. Kundalini gave me the mo-jo, the will and confidence to stand my ground.

But more than a legal victory, this was a nod from the universe....


And this came about directly because of my regular practice of this extraordinary modality of Kundalini. 


Fast forward to today. I have both my kids back living with me. Like I say, long story - and worth hearing if you have a bit of time - check out my story HERE. I had been teaching Kundalini and Shakti Yoga Dance here in the UK but due to the current, crazy global circumstances, I have the possibility to connect to a wider community, online, a GLOBAL circle of amazing yogis connecting from the comfort and convenience of our own homes.


So get changed into comfortable loose clothing, grab a mat or a sheepskin, a decent speaker, a blanket and cushions if you fancy, settle into your space and let's get moving and breathing! 

Join us!


Embrace Your Life the Yogic Way and Level Up to Reclaim Your Innate Power

Join the community of yogis re-visioning their best life


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Have a listen to Hazel's story. She came to YogiOnline for some support, reaching out from a similar place:


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