It never fails to keep us under pressure, on our toes and maybe - sometimes - out of our minds.


And this year has been especially challenging; even the strongest amongst us has felt the strain.


Welcome to YogiOnline's Kundalini Yoga, Meditation & Breathwork​:


tools for turbulent times

So - maybe you’ve been recommended yoga but are unsure how to go about it


Or you wonder if it is too late to begin - or if you are flexible enough?


I suspect like most people you have experienced one or more of the following:


chronic pain, insomnia, hormonal swings, stress, bereavement, divorce, overwork, depression, complex or developmental trauma, anxiety and mental anguish



Life Throws the Curveballs 


We Need to be Able to Respond Skillfully


the Question is, HOW? Well, one way is to give Kundalini a go!

Kundalini Yoga:


a Powerful Path to Living Well

Yoga is 1008 things to as many people, but there is no denying its extraordinary potency.


Scientifically proven to improve health outcomes across the board, Kundalini Yoga with its amazing pedigree beats most forms of yoga hands down for healing and transformation 

And the beauty of Kundalini is that it is not about stretching into spectacular poses


or squeezing into tight lycra:


this form of yoga is suitable for ALL bodies - and can be easily practised in a chair. 

These ancient, once-secret practices target the MASTER SYSTEMS of the body for complete health, getting you straight to the source of the wellness within.


So join me, Steph, YogiOnline - from the comfort of your own home:

with two levels of membership, access is flexible and affordable and offers you: 

✅ 3 livestream sessions a week for Access All Areas Membership (easily booked in your timezone) and all memberships give you:

✅ replays available on-demand (practise anytime, anywhere!)

✅ a plethora of video courses 

✅ the Kundalini Wheel daily 5 minute yoga challenges


and much, much more:


Unlock your Potential


Strengthen your Life-Force and Will


and Build Resilience and JOY


Welcome to the 

YogiOnline Community!

We're a community of yogis taking control of our physical, mental and emotional health using the unique and powerful yogic technologies of Kundalini to next-level our evolutionary potential.

There are 2 Levels of Membership that give you Unlimited Access to some or all of the following :


 3 weekly livestream Kundalini yoga, movement, meditation and chair yoga Zoom sessions


✅  Replays of all yoga, movement, meditation and chair yoga sessions accessible on-demand 


✅  The Kundalini Wheel of the Year: 40 day cycles of short daily practices

✅  All one-off workshops (regular Shakti Yoga Dance, global meditations, etc.) and guest teacher workshops & replays

✅  Kundalini Basics Video Series

✅  15 Minute Yoga Video Series

✅  Simple Hatha Yoga Video Series

✅  Weekly newsletters 


What People are Saying about YogiOnline

“Hello, I'm really pleased to be able to give a testimonial for Steph's YogiOnline Zoom classes. I have found them so helpful and such fun throughout the lockdown.. So these are some of the reasons why I really am inspired to continue with my YogiOnline classes: I started with Kundalini Yoga about 18 months ago, and I loved it... obviously we all like the physical presence of being together and so I wondered how it would work out online and it's worked out brilliantly - the group is still there, but it's grown with people from many different countries joining in which is even better.”


When I hit my 40s the sh*t certainly hit!

Here was I, divorcing for the second time, a single parent AGAIN, being dragged through the courts and in so much physical, mental and emotional pain I simply did not know how to carry on. My whole world had collapsed. 

It heralded the start of painful hormonal migraines and fatigue and a re-surfacing of a boat load of TRAUMA. I was deeply depressed and medicated.

From rock bottom the only way is up; I remember so clearly when that realisation hit me. It was time to start the slow ascent. Reluctantly I started up a weekly practice of yoga. That became twice weekly. I quit smoking. I changed my diet.


Small steps that felt easier each time. Small wins. Bit by bit I added healthy. I increased the self-care. I went into therapy.  


It wasn’t easy. BUT. Things shifted. Slowly but surely. I had begun to take control, and each step to wellness was easier because of the last one. 

Now, over 10 years the other side I have realise that so many of us go through this – and so many end up framing these monumental challenges completely negatively, covering them with shame and trying to hide from the pain.


So how about a reframe of these dark nights of the soul?


Embrace Your Life the Yogic Way and Level Up to Reclaim Your Innate Power

Join a community of yogis who are taking responsibility for their health and optimising life:


Replays Monthly Pass

£20/every month

(first month free!)

  • Access to all yoga & movement and chair yoga session replays - suitable for ALL bodies
  • EXCLUSIVE access to the private Mid-Life Mystery School Facebook page with regular 40 day 5 minute yoga challenges, webinars & Q&As 
  • One-off workshops in the private Facebook group
  • Exclusive Video Series: Kundalini Basics, 15 Minute Hatha Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation
  • Weekly newsletters 

Monthly Unlimited Pass

£40/every month

(first month free!)

  • 3 weekly Livestream Kundalini Yoga, Movement & Breathwork classes for ALL BODIES with awesome high-vibe playlists
  • Access to all yoga & movement and chair yoga session replays - suitable for ALL bodies
  • EXCLUSIVE access to the private Mid-Life Mystery School Facebook page with regular 40 day 5 minute yoga challenges, webinars & Q&As
  • One-off workshops in the private Facebook group
  • Exclusive Video Series: Kundalini Basics, 15 Minute Hatha Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation
  • Weekly newsletters 

Have a listen to Hazel's story. She came to YogiOnline for some support, reaching out from a similar place:


Classes & Courses


What People are Saying about YogiOnline

“Well, I most love about Steph's classes is the variety of things that you do in a class. So there's a variety of physical movement breathwork mantras mujras meditations and Steph explains the physical and spiritual benefits and meaning behind all of them at the beginning and throughout the classes necessary. You really do feel a difference at the end of class and through your life. If you when you attend regularly, the classes are really welcoming really intimate feel the fact that they're now online is actually really helpful. It's been a lifesaver for me because I moved out of the area where Steph taught and it's meant that I can still attend with a practice and with a teacher that I feel I've really connected with which feels really special and there's a variety of sessions across the week in the morning knee. The evening shorter sessions longer sessions and I can just book whichever one suits me in real-time and fits in with my schedule.”