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I Get Knocked Down! But I Get Up Again!

Updated: Mar 4, 2018

Greetings Yogis,

Who remembers that song, Tub Thumping by ChumbaWumba? That describes me atm in a NUTSHELL! I have fallen off the wagon twice re my refined - palm oil - sugar (i.e. crap chocolate) and coffee Lenten give-up! However I *am* back on track again I can happily report and of course I've learnt not to make an issue of it to myself whilst observant what was going on when I feel off this bumpy wagon.... it is so great to have a daily practice because it enables me to find my true north - to really gauge what is going on by having a marker, a dropped pin if you like, every day. It's like a spiritual FitBit!

Of course it was EMOTIONAL stuff, both chocolate-munching times! (I've remained coffee free though..) 

I must say it did take me a good few months to re-train myself into a daily practice of yoga and to undertake 40 day long practices. After a good period of re-training my sleep patterns to adjust to a morning sadhana (personal daily practice) I have settled into a relaxed morning routine - thankfully eased by being self employed and therefore not having to do everything before a 7.30 or 8AM departure for work although sometimes that is necessary. I do offer a service to help people establish their own daily yoga practice - please take a look at my webpage here - as well as my weekly classes (see below).

We are on the whole driven by our emotions and the blessing of yoga is that through its technologies we can observe these drives and intervene as our "inner engineer".   

As long as you follow your feelings, you will never develop intuition. They are enemies. Those who will develop intuition will never follow feelings. Feeling is between circumstances to circumstances, people to people. It's a projection of a relationship. Intuition is totality; intuition is reality; intuition can tell you the mega view. ~ Yogi Bhajan

Much love,

Steph x


Bring a yoga mat and layers or a blanket for the rest period. A meditation cushion or zafu is recommended. I do have some spare mats and cushions.

Power up your Lunch Break! Breathwork and Meditation 1/2 Hour. Wednesday 1:15 - 1.45 @ The Studio, Park Lane, Torquay TQ1 2AU   £6.00 / £3.00 1 class, £8.00 both

Mats, cushions, blankets and bolsters provided at this little studio with a BIG heart!

PS Did you know we have a Yoga in Totnes & Torquay Meet Up group? Connect HERE!

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