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5 Actions for Tuning The Body ~ in 10-15 minutes!

Here's a gem from Tibet that serves as another amazing tool in the self-care toolbox - the Five Tibetans for Longevity & Good Health! These 5 short exercises were given as keys for longevity and health and come from the monastic tradition in Tibet. I use these exercises if I don’t have time for an extended practice in the morning, they are fantastic preparation for meditation as well as generally for the day ahead. Give yourself 10-15 minutes to complete them.

Each exercise is practised 21 times and they are all moving exercises with the inhale and exhale occurring at each end of each rep.

Exercise 3 can be practised as the camel asana in yoga, moving in and out of it.

Exercises 4 is a moving exercise – raising and lowering from sitting with the legs out to the table pose as pictured.

Number 5 moves from downward dog as pictured into a cobra pose.

Feel free to message me or comment if you wish to know more, I plan to teach these and give handouts in one of the weekly classes soon!

Sat nam!

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